Santiago de Compostela

With its mystical history and a story of origin that is the stuff of legends, Santiago de Compostela is a historical gem that attracts millions of visitors every year. From weary-soled pilgrims to university students to seasoned travelers, millions flock to this Galician treasure in search of great wine, unique cultural experiences, spiritual revelations or just the chance to experience one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

Myth has it that Santiago was born when the light of a star guided a shepherd to the resting place of Sanctus Iacobus,  Saint James. When word spread to King Alfonso II, he ordered the commissioning of a cathedral on the spot where the remains were discovered. To this day this remains a sacred space for the hundreds of thousands of peregrinos making the centuries-old pilgrimage from all corners of Spain, and even Europe.

But Santiago is not just about the camino. There’s wine! Some of Spain’s most prestigious and internationally acclaimed wines are produced in Galicia: like Albariño and Ribeiro. With a climate hovering between annoyingly damp and brilliantly sunny, the soil is perfect for cultivating grapes: nearly 6 tons per acre annually. 

Galicia also boasts its own unique culture. Tinged with Celtic lore and tradition, the local dance and music are quite distinct. Watch dancers pair up for a Muiñeira or listen to musicians blare their Gaita galega and you’ll feel more like you’re walking through a quaint Irish town than a Spanish pueblo

So follow the Milky Way to this magical place and get lost in this blend of folklore, history and Spanish charm!