My professional life has been far less a steady upward trajectory than a rollercoaster ride. Whereas the focused career ladder climber might see my path as unconventional at best and career suicide at worst, I always saw it more as a thirst for challenges and an absolute refusal to settle for anything less. Plus, with so many diverse interests, from tech, to politics, to art history, to dance, sacrificing one for another was never an option.

Despite seemingly disparate employment choices, my career has always reflected a consistent leitmotif. From my very first job as an English teacher, to my content development for eLearning platforms, to my founding of arts in translation, to my work as a writer, one central theme has constantly repeated itself: communications. Be it writing, translating, or producing online content, I have years of experience in developing and honing compelling corporate messaging and storylines.

Today, my clients benefit from my extensive knowledge in all the fields I have studied, researched and worked in. This includes the authoring of expert opinions, white papers and blogs in the tech sector, the translation of articles ranging from global policy to art theory, the co-production of video blogs, and even fun side projects like my YouTube channel Dime En Deutsch: a Spanish/German hybrid name which translates to Tell Me in German.

Suffice it to say, all of these things are my career. But if you need a title, just refer to me as your communications specialist!