Las Roquetas del Mar

Most people will not think of Roquetas del Mar when they think of Andalucía. That is exactly what makes this quaint fishing village the perfect secret getaway spot.

Wander along the harbor where the local fishermen are hard at work bringing in the catch of the day or mending frayed nets. Enter the Faro de Roquetas where paintings, sculptures and photographs retell the history of the region. Stroll along the sandy beach where the Phoenicians, ancient Greeks and Romans once alit. Watch the waves lap against the Castillo de Roquetas, a fortress built by its Muslim forefathers when they settled there in the 18th century.

And should you find yourself on the beach during the festivities, your olfactory senses will be overwhelmed with the scents of the tradition and folklore of the Roquetas. The bonfires are already blazing in the morning hours in preparation for an evening of feasting, revelry, dancing and merry-making. Read more…